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St. Augie's Lift Fund
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Youth Group
Youth in 6th through 12th grade are welcome to join our church youth group. This group gets together once a month for a special event such as bowling, ice skating, pizza and game night, and other fun activities. Parents of youth group members choose a month to plan and host an event. There are sign-up sheets for hosting on the bulletin board in the church basement.
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Here are a few ideas:
Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong!
St. Augie's Lift Fund...so everyone
can have access to worship with us.
Please Help Us Raise
Our Lift to the Top!

When you make a donation, be sure
to fill out a Lift Card and pin it to the
bulletin board in the undercroft!

We have started St. Augie's Lift Fund to help
raise money, and have thought of several
ways our St. Augie's family and friends can
make donations.

● Put a donation (designated for the Lift
   Fund) in the offering plate or mail it
   to the church at P.O. Box 141, Danville,
   Indiana 46122.

● Place a donation in the Lift Fund basket
   we have set out during Coffee Hour.

● Make a contribution in memory or honor
   of a loved one.

● Collect the change in your pocket each
   week and put it in the Lift Bank
   located at the back of the sanctuary.
● Help us with fundraising ideas and
● Put aside a dollar every time you take
   an elevator and put it in the Lift
   Bank at the end of the month.
Every donation, large or small, helps.
Thank you so much for your support!

Our lift is finished and already in use for those who have
trouble managing the stairs! Our lift provides access to
both our sanctuary and our undercroft. To pay for the
lift, we have borrowed $75,000 from our investment
account with the plan to pay back the loan with interest.
We are hoping to raise money through grants, fundraisers,
and donations.
In Memory
of Fr. John

600 N. Washington Street    Danville, Indiana 46122    317-745-2741